Cheap WordPress Hosting for your site: Siteground reviews

Are you looking for the best and cheap WordPress hosting for your website or personal blog? Are you confused about which hosting you should take that is best for your WordPress website or blog? Then I would strongly suggest you for the siteground.

I have been blogging for the last 4 years and based on my experience, I am suggesting a cheap WordPress hosting, siteground for your WordPress website or blog.

A few days ago this blog of mine was hosted in some other hosting company. I do not want to mention the name of that company but I was facing many problems with that company. Of all the problems, the biggest and important problem was the low speed of my blog. Due to the low speed, my blog was unable to rank on the Google search engine and visitors were not coming. The bounce rate had also fallen significantly. You already know how bad all these things have on revenue. Many times I intend to close this blog but since blogging is my passion and I have worked very hard behind this blog, I did not want to give up so easily.

I tried my best to increase the speed of this blog. Used many plugins, did image optimization, changed free theme to paid theme, and tried all the steps of speed optimization, but my blog did not speed up. Then I intended to change hosting.

I did a lot of research before changing WordPress hosting. Read a lot of articles, go to all the hosting company’s website, check the details about them, and see a lot of videos on Youtube. Then I decided to migrate my blog hosting to the siteground. I realized that it is also a cheap WordPress hosting.

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I believe that it was a great decision to purchase a cheap WordPress hosting the siteground

I think it was a great decision to purchase the siteground and migrate my blog to this hosting. Because after that my blog speed increased tremendously. The bounce rate also became much better than before.

I am sure it was a great decision to purchase siteground hosting and migrate my blog to this hosting. Because after that my blog speed increased tremendously. The bounce rate also became much better than before. Looking at the speed and good performance of my site, I can say that it is 100% worth and is a cheap WordPress hosting.

Unfortunately, I could not save the image for the speed of this blog with my previous hosting company. But you can see my blog’s current speed in the image below on “PageSpeed Insights” and “gtmetrix”. You will get an idea of how good the speed is.

Speed test with “PageSpeed Insights”

Cheap WordPress hosting

Speed test with “GTmetrix”


Apart from this, they gave me a plugin named “SG Optimizer”. This plugin provides performance optimizations. This greatly increased the speed of my website/blog. After installing this plugin I did not need any more cache plugin or performance optimizations plugin. And not only this plugin but it also gave me Free Siteground SSL, Free CDN, Free Email, Unlimited Databases, Free WP Installation, Daily Backup, and gave me a plan for Unmetered Traffic along with Unlimited Websites hosting. 

Let me tell you that all the above features are very important for any website or blog so that it can perform well and rank on the search engine.

Free website hosting migration by Siteground

Not only this, but the siteground also transferred my blog from my previous hosting to new hosting for free. The best thing I felt was their Customer Support Service. Their team is very fast and knowledgeable which supports 24/7 in three channels chat, phone, and tickets. Apart from this, they provide support in 3 different languages.

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Looking at all these features, support, and most importantly the excellent performance of my blog, I found the siteground to be a great hosting company which is also a cheap WordPress hosting and is 100% worth. 3 different plans are starting at $ 3.95 / mo. at siteground.

If you too are thinking of starting a new website or blog, you want fast speed and great performance, or you already have a website or blog and are very upset with its slow speed and bad performance, then I would strongly suggest you do the siteground login.

Come, I do siteground reviews in a little detail for you. So that it will be easy for you to decide whether you should take siteground hosting or not. Before that, I will tell you what domain and hosting is all about and what type of domain or hosting you should purchase.

What I will discuss in this review 

  1. What is the domain?
  2. What is hosting?
  3. How many types of servers are there?
  4. How many categories of servers are there?
  5. About “Siteground” a cheap WordPress Hosting
  6. Sitground pricing
  7. Siteground’s Special Offer for COVID-19
  8. Siteground Backend
  9. Siteground Security
  10. Siteground Performance
  11. Siteground Support
  12. Testimonial from the industry expert.
  13. Conclusion

What is the domain?

A domain is basically the name of your website, which you can buy from any company that provides a domain name. In other words, we can also call the domain as the address of your website or blog, which the user types in his browser to access it. Such as www.google.com, www.youtube.com, www.amazon.com, etc.

What is hosting?

You have registered the name of a website. Now if a user visits your website, then the content that reaches him is in the form of files that you have to store in the webserver. These files are in different languages ​​like HTML, CSS, Java Scripts, PHP, etc. When a user from any part of the world opens your website on his browser, his instruction comes to your web server. The web server processes it and passes these files to the user’s browser via the Internet. In this way, that user is able to view and access your website on his browser.

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Web hosting companies have their own data centers where they have built servers. You rent their web server from these web hosting companies. Then you can remotely store the files of our website on these servers.

There are two types of servers:

  • Window server
  • Linux server

The most website uses Linux server only. These servers are cheaper than Windows Server. If you want to install WordPress or Joomla on your website or want to develop your website in PHP or Python, then the Linux web server will be the best for you.

On the basis of space, the server has been classified into 3 categories.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a big server that is dedicated only to your website. Within this dedicated server, the hosting company creates several virtual machines called VPS hosting and sells them to its customers. That is, it divides a big dedicated server into many smaller parts (VPS), and by taking a small part of them, you use it for your website. Then further the hosting company divides these VPS into small parts and shares it among many users which are called shared hosting.

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If you are going to start a website or blog, or your website is small and 100 to 1000 visitors come at a time to your website, then you should take shared hosting. Shared hosting is not much expensive. But if more than 1000 visitors come to your website at a time, then you should take VPS hosting. Similarly, if your website is very big like amazon or Flipcart, then you will need a dedicated server.

Let me now share siteground reviews with you in detail, so that it will be easier for you to make a decision about purchasing siteground hosting for your website.

About “siteground” a cheap WordPress hosting

The siteground was founded in 2007, but its popularity has tripled in recent years. According to the siteground, they are hosting 2,000,000 domains. Its features include a fast website, reliable service, 24/7 support service, and cheap WordPress hosting.

Siteground is officially recommended by wordpress.org.

Cheap WordPress hosting

Let us look at all the features of a cheap WordPress hosting the siteground in detail.

Siteground Pricing

The first thing you will see is its cheap WordPress hosting. They have 3 special plans and their price starts at $ 3.95 / mo, which differs in different plans. But let me tell you that these special siteground prices are only for the first year. Next year, when you get hosting renewed, you will have to pay regular price. For your convenience, they also have a great option in which you can lock these special prices for the next three years at the time of purchasing the first time. But even if you have to pay a regular price for the second year, in my view it is 100% worth it because the siteground improves the performance of your website so much and gives such a great speed and security that you will not find it too expensive.

Its shared hosting has three plans all with unlimited bandwidth

  • StartUp – This is suitable for a single website that does not require more than 10 GB of storage space.
  • GrowBig – This allows you to host multiple websites and gives you access to a fast server. On-demand backup and free hosting migration are included in this plan.
  • GoGeek – It is suitable for large websites that require high performance.

You can see the details of the three plans in the image below.

Cheap WordPress hosting

Siteground’s Special Offer for COVID-19

Siteground running a special offer, in the epidemic COVID19. Due to the economic slowdown, the siteground is running an offer to start a new website at almost no cost for 3 months. This offer is for a limited time. Click on the banner below to benefit from the offer and ask the support team how you can avail of this offer.


In 2019 the siteground moved from the old cPanel to a new dashboard. This may seem confusing at first to cPanel users because its backend looks a bit different. However, you will only need a few minutes to get familiar with its interface. I think it is well organized and easy to use. And its other aspect is that it has amazing features and tools that allow you to customize and manage your websites. They are very user friendly.

Cheap WordPress hosting


Some statistics show that more than 50,000 sites are hacked daily. Let’s see what the siteground does for the security of your website

First of all, this Siteground offers you a free Siteground SSL certificate. It allows you to use the latest PHP version, which reduces security risks. Their system is set by default in PHP 7. They automatically manage updates to WordPress and your plugins. On top of that, they separate your website so that attacks on neighboring sites do not affect your website. And they also make their own security patches. Overall I believe Siteground does a great job here.

Cheap WordPress hosting


As I said above, fed up with the low speed of my blog, I finally decided to migrate hosting. But before making this decision, I did a lot of research. Read a lot of articles, watch YouTube videos, visit web hosting company’s websites, and read the details about them. Then I decided to get Siteground hosting because it was the best and cheap WordPress hosting among them all. Finally, I hosted my blog on siteground. And now that I have been using this hosting for a few days, it has become my favorite.

Let me share with you my siteground experience. The uptime of the Siteground is always 99.98%. But uptime is not everything for good website performance, but good speed also matters a lot.

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Siteground makes a good effort to optimize their servers like the latest technology, such as SSD drive, HTTP2, and PHP 7. As I mentioned above, they also have their own caching system. This speeds up your loading time by allowing faster access to your site’s content. In addition, they provide integration with Cloudflare CDN, which will make your site even faster. Additionally, you can choose to host your website at one of the many data centers that are available in America, Europe, and Asia.

Most of us use WordPress to build our site in WordPress, Woocomerce, and Yoast recommend Siteground. Its SG optimizer plugin makes WordPress website faster. I am really impressed by this plugin.

Cheap WordPress hosting


Support is available via email, phone, and 24 hours of live chat. I have seen the most useful and efficient live chat here. Their help is very useful and the support agents are very polite and friendly. In my experience, they are usually finished to fix my issues. The waiting time is usually not long.

cheap WordPress hosting

Testimonial from the industry expert.

Syed Balkhi from https://www.wpbeginner.com/

Cheap WordPress hosting

Joost De Valk – Yoast SEO Founder and CPO

Cheap WordPress hosting

Ben Pines – CMO Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Cheap WordPress hosting



  • It provides tremendous uptime and speed.
  • It has a user-friendly and Intuitive Backend. 
  • It has great security features. 
  • It has very good and responsive support.
  • It has no bandwidth limitations.
  • It has intersting advanced features.


  • You have to pay a regular price at the time of renewal. But in my view, the regular price is also 100% worth considering all the features, advantages, and great performance of the site.

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