First Impression when you meet somebody
First Impression

We all live in a society in this world. We meet many people every day, work with many people and spend time with many people but you must have noticed that those whom you know for a long time have never impressed you, while a new person influences you in the first meet. This is the effect of first impression.

Anybody remembers your first impression and your impression leaves the image on his mind. You will look him always same as you would have left your first impression at first meeting…

Think about others

Generally, when people meet others they try to show only about themselves. In doing so they present themselves in a big way. Later, it becomes a problem for them because they are not the way they have presented themselves.

A famous saying is that “Have more than you show”

The truth is that if we want to put a good impression on anyone, then we first have to know about ourselves. And we have to look exactly what we are from inside. Often people show themselves and ignore another person, it is wrong. Remember this is the human nature that they will give you importance only when you value them. So whenever you meet someone for the first time, do not just look good to yourself, but you also talk about that person. You must definitely appreciate his good habit. Think of how you can help him.

When people meet for the first time, they adopt two types of attitude. First, when people are hesitant to meet someone, they are shy and secondly when they try to prove themselves good, smart in every respect. Remember that both of these methods are not correct. You show yourself just as you are.

The question is, what are the ways in which you can do your best to leave a good influence on others.

8 ways successful people make a great first impression

  1. Know yourself: First of all you recognize yourself. Know your abilities, qualifications, interests, and your hobbies. In this way, you will be able to tell you’re the true identity to others.
  2. Be honest: Create honesty within yourself. Remember that the foundation of every relationship is dependent on honesty. Think of doing well to others as well as you. By doing good to others, you will be able to do good to yourself.
  3. Take care of your cleanliness: Be especially careful about cleaning your body and clothes. Your body and mouth should not stink. If possible, use good perfume. People will examine your thoughts and your intelligence later, but first people will see your cleanliness.
  4. Take good habit: Try to create a good habit of yourself. When you look at the habit of the big and famous people of the society, you will find that there are many extraordinary habits in them. Make a list of people from whom you are influenced and try to adopt their good habits.
  5. Show what you are: Always show what you are, do not talk much about yourself to anyone and do not hide what you are.
  6. Do not beg from anyone for your needs: Do not beg anyone for your needs. But whenever you meet someone for your need, think about how you can help him or his department. Doing so will wake up the confidence inside you that will take you forward.
  7. Compliment others: Everyone is hungry for his praise and wants to listen to his appreciation. Whenever you meet someone, try to find some good habit or good thing, and praise him for this.
  8. Show love and affection: Whenever you meet someone to meet with love and affection.

What do you think about the first impression? If you have any other idea or opinion please comment below.

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  1. Ann

    One of my favorite quotes is by Oscar Wilde, and he stated, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I was told this by my late father and I always hold this true when I go out in the main stream. Very astute perception, I think.


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