One of the best ways to earn free money through blog

If I ask you, who does not want to earn free money then no one will answer “no”. In fact, the truth is that money is a necessity for everybody and without money, we cannot live our life. That’s why it is a big truth that we all must have money.

We either do a job or try our luck in business to earn money. If we talk about business, there are many online and offline businesses in which people are making money. Today I’m going to tell you about an online business which is called blogging through which you can earn free money.

Guys, a happy person is one whose passion and profession is the same. When we do the work which we are interested in, then that work becomes an enjoyment for us. We don’t get tired of doing that work, and this is the reason we finally get succeed.

Guys, I want to say that if your hobby is writing, if you can write in English or any other language and have a little bit of computer and internet knowledge then blog writing can be a good career option for you.

Blog: One of the best way to earn free money

In today’s time, many people are showing their interest in writing a blog, whether they are young or of any age. This is a very good career option for ladies and for Housewives. You can earn free money through blog writing.

If I say that writing a blog can make you a millionaire then it will not be wrong. Today many people are earning thousands and lakhs of dollars per month through blog writing. You can know about some famous bloggers and learn many things from them here.

Blogging is big business in itself, so you can earn as much money as you would never have imagined. And the interesting thing is that you do not need a lot of investment in this business, Even if you do not have money, still you can start it without any money and slowly move ahead.

But I will suggest investing some necessary amount on your blog to get the better result. For example, you should invest money in a good domain name, web hosting, a good professional theme, and some necessary SEO tools and premium plugins.

As far as hosting is concerned, I will suggest you take Siteground Hosting. My experience with Siteground Hosting is very good. I had taken the hosting of this blog from another company in which I was having low-speed issues. Later I migrated it to Siteground Hosting and I got to see a very good improvement in the speed of my blog. Traffic also increased significantly due to the increase in speed. Siteground not only increases the speed of your website but you also get a free SSL certificate and CDN which is very important to increase the security of your website and rank it on Google.

If you want to take this hosting, you can click on the Siteground Hosting link. Special price starts from $ 3.95 / mo.


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I will let you know about all of the above-mentioned investments in detail in my upcoming blog post. So please subscribe to my blog for an update and latest post.

What is blogging?

Guys, if I say in simple language, blogging is the online medium of expressing your thoughts on any topic.

You must have searched on Google on the internet to find a topic or any of your questions. When you search by typing any keyword, Google gives you many search results. When you click on a search result, the page that opens is often an article of a blog.

You write on any niche or topic in the blog which is called blog post or article. You can also write the blog post on one or more niches in a single blog.

On which topic, we should do blogging to make money from blogs

You can choose any topic or niche for your blog by the way, but if you want to earn money from your blog then you should choose such a niche that has a large number of readers and who generate good revenue for you. But the most important thing is that you choose a niche for your blog according to your interests, otherwise you will become very bored and you will not be able to write much.

Here are some of the most important niche of which you can choose for your blog according to your interests. These niches are very important to earn money from the blog.

  1. Technology and gadgets
  2. Health and fitness
  3. 3. Beauty tips
  4. Education and tutorial
  5. Food
  6. Personal finance
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Product reviews

Except for the above niches, there are a couple of more niches in which you write. These are – Personal development, gardening, how to make money, work from home, business ideas, parenting, SEO, motivation, entertainment, etc.

How to make money from a blog

Guys, now you will have a question about how you can earn money through blog writing. The answer is that there are several ways you can make money from your blog.


This is Google’s service through which you can create advertisements on your blog. When a blog visitor clicks on it, you get money in return.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you work as a mediator or agent. Today every e-commerce website or any major website runs an affiliate program. You have to sign in to those programs and insert its link on your blog if the visitor through your blog purchases a product by visiting this e-commerce website or other websites, then you get its commission.

Digital Product

you can create your own digital product which you can sell out to your visitors. These are some digital products – Ebook, E-course, Online classes or coaching, Apps, plugins, themes, etc.

Sale physical product

Sale physical product – You can also sell physical products on your blog if you wish. For example – books, any manufactured product, handmade products, etc.

You can get step by step blogging tips and tricks in our upcoming posts and will teach you every small and big thing related to blogging. So you can become a successful blogger and earn a lot of money.

If you want to know about blogging in detail, then let us know through below comment section.

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