How to make money on Facebook: 5 best ways
how to make money on facebook

You must be using Facebook. If not using, you are missing a great opportunity. So here you can click on Facebook link and register today. In this article, I will discuss with you how to make money on Facebook.

Have you ever thought that you can earn a lot of money sitting at home with it?  Many of you must have thought that the time you are spending for time pass, earn money from it too.

There is no need to tell more people about Facebook because its name is just enough. If someone uses the internet, then his account must be on Facebook. With Facebook we can stay connected with our friends and relatives, but do you know how to make money on Facebook?

The people dream that they do the same thing in which they are interested and earn good money from that too. So if you enjoy playing Facebook and you keep surfing Facebook for hours then you must know about making money on Facebook.

What I will discuss here

How to make money on Facebook

Facebook is free, it does not take money to create an account, nor does we get a rupee of Facebook surfing, but we know how many people have a Facebook account. So we can reach those people and earn money with Facebook

One thing I can tell you is that facebook will never give us any money, but we can make money through facebook.

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What you need to do to for making money on Facebook

make money on facebook

Friends, we know that we must have people or customers to earn money online or from any business. In the same way, if we are thinking of making money on Facebook then we should have many Facebook users through whom we can earn money online.

Make a community on Facebook that people follow and join. So the puzzle that you want to have is the Facebook page or the Facebook group and there should be more followers in it. The more Facebook users the opportunity to earn as much money

Different ways how to make money on Facebook

Affiliate marketing:

One can share an affiliate link to any product on Facebook. Then if someone buys that product by clicking on that link we will get a commission.

With any e-commerce websites, we can easily create affiliate links for any product by creating their affiliate account.  We can earn money by sharing that link on the Facebook page or Facebook group.

Tip: Anyone who shares an affiliate link should be interested, or get a good discount on it so that people can click on it and buy the product immediately and get a commission from us.

Facebook page sell:

You must have seen how many pages are on Facebook. Facebook Page is mostly made to either time pass or to promote something. So that the person who liked our page should get our information.

Very often, some companies buy facebook page for their promotion, which is already written in advance. The reason is that they can promote their promotion to more people.

So if you have a facebook page then you can earn money by selling it. But the condition is that it should have a very good number of like and Page should be active. Every post has a lot of writing and comments.

The Facebook group sells:

Like the facebook page, we can sell facebook groups as well if it has a good number of members.

Facebook post sell:

There is a lot of big websites on the Internet which spends a lot of money for its promotion. They always look for the facebook page which has a ton of traffic. Because they want to share their link on it and can get more visitors.

So if you have a facebook page and it has a huge number of likes then you can earn money from these company. Only you have to share their posts on your page.

Online Teaching on Facebook:

If you have any talent or there is something that you can teach people, then facebook can be a good way to earn money.

You can create a secret group on facebook for teaching and take the money to join the members. In this way, with the help of facebook group, you can teach them and earn money too.

Marketing and promotion of your product on Facebook:

If you already have a business and you want to increase your service and product’s sales, then facebook is a good medium for it. Through facebook advertising, you can also bring your product or service to people without any facebook page or group.

Is this post helpful for you and you have learned something about How to make money on Facebook? If yes then don’t forget to share its link on Facebook, WhatsApp, google+, or other social media. Let your friends and relatives know also so that they can also be benefited.

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