5 small business ideas for a new startup
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Are you thinking to start a new business and not getting the business ideas for you? Here are some best small business ideas, which you can select as per your interest and investment.

Small business Ideas for youth

It has been seen that nowadays youngsters are not showing their interest in 9 to 5 job but in business as they can leave a free and better life. No doubt if you are thinking to start a business or become an entrepreneur you can get some good thing in your life like…..

  1. Flexibility to work in your desired working ours
  2. More spare time for your family and friends
  3. You can set your own deadline
  4. Sell your product or services how you want to sell
  5. Create your own working environment
  6. You can peruse your passion
  7. Make money which has no limit

5 small business ideas with average or low investment

  1. Restaurant open

India is country of mixed culture and verity of food. It has a lot of cuisines and tests from the north to south and east to west. Hence If you are passionate about different food and different taste and if you think that you can enjoy this business you can start a small restaurant in your town or city. If you are new in this business better you take a franchise of any brand and start your restaurant with brand’s policy and rules.

  1. Auto Mechanic | auto repair | car mechanic on call

We all face the problem to break down the vehicle in the middle of our way. This is very difficult and hard situation when we don’t get the mechanic shop nearby.

You can start a mobile garage where you will provide your vehicle repair service over the phone call. All you need to do is to be always ready for your bike or car with tools already installed in it and rush to the place where this breakdown vehicle is parked.

  1. Bakery business

You can also open a low investment business that is a bakery business and can make cakes, muffins, cookies and other bakery items.

This small business is an evergreen business and has a very good potential to make a good money since the customer is always looking for good and tasty bakery items at a reasonable rate.

More business ideas

  1. Travel agency

Now a day’s people are traveling frequently not in India but all over the world because of the several reasons. In this regard, people are always in search of a good, cheap and easy ticketing, traveling, hoteling and other travel-related things.

You can open a travel agency and provide a travel related services which have a very good profit. Also, you can tie-up with bus and small four-wheeler services and book them on behalf of your passenger and earn the commission. Provide service for online rail, air and hotel reservation at the various destination.

Furthermore, you can also add local sight-seeing and other requirements for your customer and take the commission for each reservation made by you.

  1. Party decorations

India is a country of festival, and celebration where people always organize small and big parties. They need to arrange all related thing by themselves. This is very consuming and hard for an individual who is doing this.

If you proved the service to arrange these kinds of parties you can earn a handsome money. All you need to make a tie-up with all vendors. You can tie-up with tent house, caterers, Flower vendors, decorators other related vendors for different services.

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